Thursday, March 5, 2015

Not So Bad Weather

Whoever gets paid to make the decisions on whether school should be closed due to inclement weather in Tulsa needs to give part of their salary back. Once again he or she reacted to reports of impending snow and ice on Tuesday night and elected to close schools for Monday. It was supposed to get bad so there was no taking chances. The only problem that I could see once I had rolled out of bed at eleven-ish was that there was very little snow or ice.

Sure there was a small amount of snow but not even enough to call it a dusting. As I looked out the window I could tell that there might be some ice as well. Emphasis on the word might. The weather in Oklahoma does have a nasty habit of changing and often during any given day but still, by the time I left for work at three in the afternoon it still wasn't what it had been built up to. The only change I made from my normal speedy driving was to give a little bit of extra time and space for braking so that I wouldn't have any sudden stops.

As the night went on the snow did come but not the three inches or more that was predicted. The side roads were icy but the main streets not so much. Of course school is cancelled for Thursday. It's laughable to me that the schools are cancelled on the more suggestion that it might snow. Try being someplace where it actually does snow often, where they get feet not inches and people still have to go to work or school. They must look at rubes like us and shake their heads in disbelief.

One thing the Army did instill in me was that you have to be at your appointed place of duty, no excuses. So even in a blizzard we knew to get up early to clean the car off and make our way into work (whether we were supposed to is a different thought). Once you get used to doing that what we experience now seems slight in comparison.  For me the Army was just a job with occasional adventures but every once in a while I wish I could slack off and call in from work. But we all know that won't happen, don't we?

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