Monday, March 14, 2016

notmovingpictures Episode 039: The Extremely Long Return Road Trip

This very short episode was recorded on the return road trip to Denver. Tommy was pretty much wiped out energy wise and to be honest so were the rest of us so he chose not to talk. The drive through Southeastern Colorado is rather boring as is the Oklahoma Panhandle. Nothing but miles and miles of farmland. So I made a recap of the trip before signing off but that really isn't the end. I tagged on a short piece that I recorded after seeing Iron Maiden here in Tulsa just a few days later. Since I was driving I finished and what you hear last is a very long song from Iron Maiden off of their most recent album. Hope you like it.

Opening Music: Alloy - Live To See The Day
Closing Music: Iron Maiden - The Red And The Black

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Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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