Monday, May 1, 2017

notmovingpictures Episode 057: Road Trip Talk

Finally Tommy has returned! As promised this episode comes from the recent road trip to Dallas on our way to see Testament, Sepultura and Prong. Be forewarned, this was recorded in Tommy's truck with Chris and Robbie in the back so there is a lot of noise but that cannot be avoided. Luckily it's not too bad. As usual we talk about politics, especially those here in Oklahoma, specifically how the elected officials in this state have decided that they know what's best for the people, so they can ignore what was voted on.

We talk about the bureaucracy that is the U.S. government, what's wrong with the medical insurance here (i.e. we have no real choices) and once again how marijuana should be legalized and what a complete joke Scott Pruitt is. All that and more, plus we also recorded another episode on the way back home the next day which will be coming soon.

Opening Music: Alloy - Live To See The Day
Closing Music: Armored Saint - Mess

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