Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Photo Album: Roddy Radiation 5/7/2015 Boulevard Trash Tulsa

Excited wasn't strong enough of a word for how I felt when I found out that guitarist Roddy Radiation (Byers) from the legendary 2Tone ska band The Specials was going to be in Tulsa. This was a must see show as far as I was concerned. I had actually had a picture taken with him on the Warped Tour in 1998 with the version of The Specials that was touring at that time. One of these days I'll get it scanned and show it here. I thought about mentioning it to him because he was very accessible in the small space that was Boulevard Trash but ultimately decided to let him be. It's not as if he would remember the few seconds that he took with me considering all that he was done in his life. Seeing him perform in this setting was more than enough for me.
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