Thursday, April 20, 2017

Photo Album: Alejandro Escovedo June 11th, 2014 The Vanguard

In an effort to put content on this blog other than info on my podcast episodes I've decided to start uploading pictures from anything that strikes my fancy, so long as it's from something I've done or seen, with some info tacked on as well. At least this will fill the gaps until I feel like writing the odd short story, lyrics, bunch of crap, etc. Who better to start things off than one of my favorite musicians?

This photo was taken from the fourth time that I have seen Al in concert. Unlike the previous three shows there was no band backing him this time. It was just Al, his guitar and violinist Susan Voelz. The stories were there, spun in between songs, but the songs themselves had changed. A different energy had been given to them with no difference in the brilliance of the performance, it was if the songs lived, even breathed and adapted to the circumstances. That's part of his talent. I missed seeing him this past November right before my birthday but I won't make that mistake again.

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