Sunday, July 9, 2017

Zine Nation Review Issue Two Of Exercising Demons

Earlier today I got news of a pleasant surprise. The last time I reviewed some zines for zine nation I sent them a copy of issue two of my zine Exercising Demons and it now has been reviewed on their site. The review is very kind indeed to my eyes and has now brought what was a simmering desire to write another issue into a full blown inferno. I've left things undone for far too long. First I need to finish my review of the last batch of zines that were sent to me and submit it and then I can concentrate on issue three.

It's been known to my mind what the subject will be even as though I wondered if I should write that topic. I can't wait to get going. So for now how about following the link (so that their site gets the traffic) and scroll down a little to read what someone else says about my writing skills or lack thereof. Come on, it's time better spent than on another of those boring "What 80s band would you be" tests or their like on Facebook. Help ,me out here.

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