Sunday, August 14, 2011

Talking Right Wing Nutjobs On The Internet

I've only been a member of Twitter for about two months and just now for the very first time had a reply from a right wing, tea party nut job from a tweet that I had sent. I read his reply thoughtfully and then promptly blocked him without so much as sending a reply first. The truth is that the vast majority of people that are so far out on one side of any issue is that you will never reach them no matter how much sense, truth or sanity you expose them to. They will not read your opinion and sit back stunned, thinking about how wrong they've been. No matter what you say they will either ignore it and blindly go forth disseminating their beliefs or brutally attack you for not believing the same things that they hold forth to be true.

It's as if they believe that if everybody else doesn't feel the same way that they do about EVERYTHING then somehow it invalidates their opinion so they have no option to ever reconsider their beliefs. It really makes conversation next to impossible especially in this age of internet anonymity. People will say things online that they would never attempt to say to your face, they just wouldn't have the guts for fear of retribution alone. So the best thing I can do is simply block them. Keep in mind I'm not talking about someone who disagrees with my opinion and presents a valid, well thought out argument. No, I'm speaking solely of those that only want to insult, belittle or just ignorantly argue no matter how incorrect or ridiculous their points are.

I find that it's just not worth getting upset over some unknown person's beliefs, especially when all they mean to do is divide people and ridicule them. What should I care about this persons says when I've never met them, never talked to them and based upon what they've written I really don't ever want to meet them. Honestly a person like that is someone whose opinion doesn't even matter to me. I prefer to speak with people who can understand how opinions differ and don't get upset over it. True, that doesn't leave me with very many options that way but I in the end it's how I prefer it.

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