Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day in our household. My four year old son started school for the first time (Pre-K) which involved getting up at 7AM to get ready and get there on time. Afterwards a had a far too brief nap and my wife and I went to do the signing for the refinancing of our house. It's a much lower interest rate and will save us over $160 dollars a month in our mortgage payments. Best of all we get to skip the payment for month of September and we start anew in October. This way maybe we can catch up on some bills that are too far behind.

Afterwards we went to the library to take back books and dvds and pick up new ones and then to the tag agency to pay for the tags on my truck. Afterwards it was home and lunch and then off to work for the evening where I had to play catch up since I was off sick on Tuesday with unknown illness (I think it was from our lunch when we ate out). Needless to say I could not catch up on everything (not even close) but I did what I was able to accomplish so that's that. Now hopefully I'll have time to write something more on my break. The way things goes though, who can say?

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