Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blood From A Stone

Things have been rough lately in our household. There's a lot of uncertainty mixed with a fair amount of stress and pain on all fronts. So it was with a great deal of relief when my brother (from other parents) Tommy came over to work on some song lyrics. Of course first I was able to talk with him and sound off on the various things that were on my mind and gnawing at my stomach. As always not only did he listen but he also had some sound advice for me. Sometimes it's good to just talk with a person whose opinion you trust. After that we tried to start on a particular set of lyrics that had been our plan to be the next new song but instead a different idea pushed it's way to the forefront. I had written a single verse only eight lines long while at work and it was clear to both of us that it was the one we needed to concentrate on. Here's the original verse that I wrote:

Feel the noose lightly tighten ever so slightly
Slowly so slowly until it seems normal
Nothings out of place it’s all chased
It’s when your memory turns bright to dull
Who is this person I don’t remember
Staring at me through the looking glass
This is not my house nor my home
Painfully familiar yet hard to grasp

It can be hard giving up some of the words that I wrote originally but as we worked on it we tried to keep the core idea there and flesh it out. As we worked and bounced ideas off of each other we were able to make the words fit and sharpen it all to present a clearer picture of what was on my mind. It amazed me how we had taken those first eight lines and in just two short hours had evolved them into a complete song. Minus the music that is. That will come later from the rest of the band although Tommy already has an idea from an older unused music track that just might work. It feels really good to create something like this and it's surprising how much better I feel from it. Now if I can just keep this feeling going and build on it. Here's the final (for now) lyrics, make of them what you will:

Blood from A Stone

The noose tightens ever so lightly
A dulled perspective so hard to grasp
All I’ve chased seems out of place
Self desolation has come to pass
Familiar faults slowly breed a pattern
Who is this person I can’t comprehend
Every start seems to deaden my heart
With deception as the means to an end

Waves of restlessness surge
Igniting a sweat that burns
Perceptions always the same
Blood from a stone leaves it’s stain

Now run the gauntlet Run the gauntlet
Run the gauntlet again

Currents flow ever discretely
A scandal burns at both ends
Motives consumed I must resume
Feigning interest, I just can’t pretend
From a place I’ve never controlled
Sinister winds rage against me
To reveal all the flaws I conceal
Is a mistake in identity

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

All words by Don Leach and Tommy Terneus and may not be used without permission.

Published by Don Leach

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