Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Road To Rush

At last the day has come for a road trip, Tommy (my brother from other parents) and his son Chris brought me along with them once again to see Rush. The idea we have is to go someplace we've never seen before and it was decided that we would travel to San Antonio, Texas. After about eight hours on the road (and a traffic jam in Austin) we arrived at our hotel and promptly went down to the Riverwalk to do the tourist thing. I had some Huevos Rancheros which I've never had before and more things are lined up for tomorrow. The best thing of course is seeing Rush, for me it will be my eighth time.

I think that every so often it's good to get away from things and relax, whether by yourself or with close friends, whichever works best for you. Tommy and I intend to work on some lyrics while we are here and hopefully the trip will jumpstart us creatively.  We'll try and poke around the town in the short time we have. Below are pictures of my dinner and the view from our room. Look for a special new episode of Ten For Tuesday of all Rush tomorrow and new notmovingpictures will be coming soon as well.

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