Monday, February 25, 2013

Behind Again On Writing About My Podcasts

I've been lacking updating the blog about new episodes of the podcast so once again here are two episodes that have been put up in the last few weeks. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have another new episode ready for consumption. Overall my effort lately has been lacking any kind of urgency and that's just not good enough. Instead of sleeping last night I stayed up late and did a lot of the dirty work necessary to keep this thing going forward so perhaps that will help.

Since I can only keep a certain number of episodes on Podomatic my idea was to move the older ones to the Internet Archive in order to free up space. I realized that I hadn't done any of that since episode 7 so now I am trying to play catch up with the intent of having all of them on there within the next two weeks. So far I'm up to Episode 12. Now if only I can keep the momentum going. Once I am done I'll be able to upload the new episodes as the come out on Podomatic. One thing that I've noticed is that on the Internet Archive I have a lot more downloads than I do on Podomatic. That was a nice surprise.

I'm still inching forward with getting a music opener and logo for the podcast and after that is done a Facebook page will be coming. Then I can sit back and rake in the money. Yeah, right. This thing is a labor of love at best. No once that is done I'll start on notmovingpictures and get all of those episodes moved as well. Then I can start on my old ska radio show tapes. There's always something new to think about. You can go here to download, stream or subscribe on Itunes to the podcast. Until next time..........

Ten For Tuesday Ep 24: Something Old Something New

Ten For Tuesday Ep 23: Thanks Stuck In The 80s Part 3

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