Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ten For Tuesday Episode 25

Episode 25 is late this week because, well, do I need a reason why? Of course I do. Podomatic gives a certain amount of space for free so in order to keep adding new episodes I have to delete the older ones. I didn’t want to lose those older episodes so the idea was that I would post them on the Internet Archive thereby keeping them available for as long as the Internet exists. The only problem is that I stopped porting them over after Episode 7. Recognizing my lack of productivity I started moving them once again and as of right now I have added Episodes 8 through 12. My goal is have all episodes moved so that when I put a new one on Podomatic I will then immediately upload it to the Archive and not have to worry about this issue in the future.

A pleasant by product of this laziness on my part was that when I looked at the episodes I had already uploaded (1-7 for those keeping score) was the amount of downloads each of them had received. Now I’m not suggesting that they were in the hundreds but most had more downloads than they had on Podomatic. The largest amount so far has been 40 so it was a nice surprise for me. It made my day a little bit better to know that someone out there is listening (albeit not a lot of someones…so far). Anyway, enough of my babbling, here’s what you come here for, the music:

The Stubborn All Stars – Pick Yourself Up
The Magic Touch – Dance Pon Di Corner
The Equators – Age Of 5
Inspecter 7 – Brother vs Brother
Fishbone – Ugly
The Sunnyboys – You Need A Friend
The Boys – Brickfield Nights
The Scientists – Last Night
The Victims – Television Addict
The Saints - Stranded

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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