Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back In The States!!!!

After three weeks (wish it had been longer) I'm finally back in the States. What better time than now to start writing about my trip to Peru? Actually when I planned this whole thing out I envisioned myself blogging and podcasting while I was down there. Didn't happen that way. One thing I learned about life in Peru is that plans are always just that, plans. Things change from day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute. Just because someone says they'll do something with you doesn't mean it will happen. You have to learn to be fluid and ready to adapt to the ever changing situations that present themselves.

Some of the things I wanted to do the most never came close to happening but that's okay. While I didn't get to go to Marcahuasi (I need to get in better shape) I did go to Ica and rode in a giant dune buggie and even sandboarded at Hucachina, well sort of. Our driver gave us the boards and instructed us to lay down on them and go down the dunes. I guess it's safer that way. I also took a boat (with about 40 other people) and went to the Isla Ballestas in Paracas. I even went to Ticlio which is 4,818 meters high and very cold. All this was done from a revolving cast of family, friends and boy/girlfriends.

Of course I'm disappointed about some of the things I didn't get around to but I guess there's always the next time. This time I got to live everyday life with my wife's family. I road in taxis, the electric train, combis both big and small, buses and even a mototaxi. The train would have been on this list as well but we couldn't wait around in Matucana to see if one showed up or not. My wife was pleasantly surprised that I was able to take the combi by myself to pick up our son from school (he went for a month) and then adjust on the fly and take a different one back when good old number 21 didn't stop to pick us up. Given my limited knowledge if the Spanish language I'd say I did okay for myself.

Next time I hope to make a few things happen and venture out more on my own. That means I need to make a serious effort to speak more Spanish. Unless of course we move there, then immersion will take care of that for me.

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Gary Rivera said...

si, practica el español, te divertiras muchisimo mas!

A partir del proximo año podre salir de vacaciones todo un mes, asi que espero que cuando regresen, podremos pasar mas tiempo juntos!
Un enorme abrazote!