Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is That A Road Trip I See On The Horizon?

After recording the latest episode of notmovingpictures last Saturday I was preparing to leave Tommy's house when I remembered that I saw that Judas Priest was touring. I guess I let it slip my mind because the date they would be in Kansas City was a bit close and I was fairly sure it was too late to organize a road trip. While I was able to see Judas Priest in concert when I was in Germany Tommy and his son Chris have never seen them. They were extremely excited but that only intensified when we investigated and found that they will also be in a suburb of Denver on November 19th smack in the middle of our birthdays.

Mine is on the 16th and Tommy's is on the 24th. What better way to say happy birthday than to take a road trip? We haven't traveled to Denver before (I've been there solo for work) and were hoping to go next year if Rush is playing there when they go on tour. While that may still happen we are planning on going this year. After all, it has been over a year since we've taken a road trip. We've even got the whole eat local thing in the works as well. Tommy saw a place called The Buckhorn Exchange on Man Vs. Food that looks right up our alley. Plus they have a birthday club where you can get a discount for your entrée based on your age. You better believe we'll take advantage of that.

Now all I have to do is find some other cool things to do in Denver while we are there. Shouldn't be too hard. A record or book store or maybe a punk band playing the first night we're there would fit in nicely as far as I'm concerned. I'm quite sure we'll find something to occupy our time. My seven year old asked me if he was going and I had to say no. He'll be in school at that time. If it were the next week when he's off for Thanksgiving then perhaps it could happen but not this time. All this and Alloy is playing a show at The Shrine here in Tulsa on the 13th and Agent Orange is there on the 26th of this month. The future's looking bright.

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