Friday, February 6, 2015

Razorcake Around The Work Site or Anarchy In The OK

Lately I've taken to leaving printed copies of articles and interviews around the hospital I work at once I've read them. Usually it's in the mens rooms because hey, I've got to have something to read while I'm in there, right? While I know that housekeeping will throw them away once they find them at least this way there is a chance that somebody else could discover one of them and take it to read. Perhaps they could also be intrigued enough to look up Razorcake or the bands and find something new for their life. I mean how else is the word going to get out to someone who doesn't know what they're missing or looking for unless they find something like this to lead them there?

Really it's also my way of injecting a little life into a pretty boring, straightlaced environment. Did I mention that it's a Catholic hospital? I'm not sure how much the administration would appreciate what I'm doing since most of the articles have a few expletives in them and talk about some things that most religious types shy away from. To make a bit of a confession it's also my way of getting back a little at a system that likes to stifle creativity and make conformity the norm. I'm not fooling myself that I'm doing some great feat or that I'm some kind of anarchist here. It's not that. I just want there to be even a small chance that someone can be reached. It couldn't hurt.

Razercake has opened up a whole new world for me and my podcasts. Just trying to create possibilities and pay them back some and that's never a bad thing. Well, almost never.

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