Wednesday, February 18, 2015

notmovingpictures Podcast Episode 031: Ok, So Story Slam And More

February has been a rather good month for me, at least from the perspective of finally getting off of my butt and doing something. I found out about Ok, So Story Slam six days before their next event and decided not only was it something that I wanted to but I was going to do it. The concept is fairly simple, you have five minutes to tell a story from a theme that is given out well in advance. You cannot read it, it has to be done without any assistance. I had a story that fit the Love/Lust theme and I went up and it went over well. Afterwards I was happy because it felt like I was doing something I think I can do well. Not that I'm bragging mind you it's just been a long time coming. I thought my mp3 player didn't record it but it did and I've tagged it on after the episode.

This is a short episode but after talking about telling my story I go into the subject of zines and how I'm planning on doing one, a record store I found called Holy Mountain and some upcoming events in Tulsa like The Tulsa Punk Rock Flea Market and The Tulsa Zine Fest but to hear everything you'll need to listen because I'm far too lazy to type all of it out. I got stuff to do man.

Opening music: Alloy - Live To See The Day

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