Thursday, February 19, 2015

Upcoming Stuff I May Go To (Wife And Job Permitting)

Yeah, so here's a list of things I've found out about recently that I'm considering going to so long as my wife gives me the time and I get off of work. If only I didn't have to work and money wasn't a problem. Ah well, you do what you can when you can. In a dream world going to all of these events would me my job but how could you monetize that? Hmmmmm. At least I'll be doing some of the things on this list, the idea is to get off my butt and expose myself (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter) to other people and other ideas thereby creating more opportunities for me to be creative. It's a vicious circle don't ya know?

March 1st - Tulsa Punk Rock Flea Market (definitely going)
March 6th-7th - Salad Days Documentary
March 11th - Ok, So Story Slam (definitely going)
March 17th - Tulsa SXSW Showcase
March 23rd - Single Mothers & Riot Waves
March 28th - Dirty Mugs & Riot Waves
March 29th - Lizard Police & The Riot Waves Holy Mountain in-store (definitely going)
April 1st - Bad Religion & Off!
April 18th - Record Store Day (definitely going to Holy Mountain)
April 19th - The English Beat (definitely going, it's free!)
May 2nd - Free Comic Book Day (definitely going)
May 8th - Rush (Oh I'm getting a ticket as soon as I get the cash)
May 23rd - Zex
May 30th - Tulsa Zine Fest (definitely going)
May 31st - OC45
Every Tuesday - Writers/Spoken Word/Poetry/Rap/Thing (got to find a day to go)

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