Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Have I Been Missing Out On Peru?

There is an English language website called Living In Peru that I visit so that I can get information about what''s happening in my wife's home country of Peru. Of course it can't encompass everything that is happening there and get it translated to English but they get a lot. It's updated with news pretty much Monday through Friday and I normally visit the page on those days. Now, this isn't for my wife's benefit, it's for mine because I've been able to visit Peru twice and I love it there. Hell, I'd move there tomorrow if I could be debt free here and have the possibility of a job (or jobs) there.

Living In Peru just put up a new article about the top ten must see destinations in Peru that you can read here. As I glanced through it I realized that I have only been to two of their ten destinations. Does this mean I've missed out on something or that I have my work cut out for me the next time I visit? Truthfully this is just someones list and it's arbitrary. It really depends on what you as an individual are interested in because there are tons more places and things to see in Peru than what is on this list.

If you don't want to go read the whole article I'll just list the places with a few comments of my own added:

1. Cusco - To get to Machu Picchu you gotta go to Cusco first, haven't been there but intend to go
2. Islands of Lake Titicaca - Far south in Peru I've heard it's pretty amazing, would love to go
3. Machu Picchu - Most known sight to see in Peru, intend to go
4. The Sacred Valley - Haven't been there at some point would like to go
5. Colca Canyon - Haven't been there, see number 4
6. Iquitos and the Amazon River - Haven't been there but if you want to go for an Ayahuasca medicine trip this is one of the top places and I would like that
7. Puerto Maldonado and the Tambopata River - Haven't been there, don't know much about it
8. Arequipa - City of writers, we almost went there the last time we were in Peru
9. Lima - Spent much time there, tons of things to do and see, love it
10. Paracas Wildlife Reserve - On our trip to Ica we saw the island as well as Huacachina and other things, had a great time

The majority of my time in Peru has been spent in Lima visiting family and friends of my wife. Most  vacationers tend to only use Lima as an overnight rest place before going on to see the more famous places which is their mistake in my opinion. Come on, You don't think that there are things to see and do in a city of ten million people that could keep you occupied for a few days? Get real. It's true that there is a lot of crime and poverty but there's also a lot of culture and pretty cool people. I can't wait to go back.

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Gary Rivera said...

pues tienes que poner en el cusco, cuando estes en la cima de Macchui Picchu y veas todo alrededor, tendras un salto al pasado milenario del Peru!!

el amazonas es otro lugar que tienes que ver , sobre todo antes que los malditos mineros informales la depreden! es un lugar maravilloso! verde en todas las tonalidades y animales coloridos, insectos de tamaño extra large!! jajaja

Don said...

Gary, I wish I had three months or more to come down and travel and see family and friends. That would be amazing. Maybe I should try and win the lottery then I coukd afford it.