Friday, June 24, 2016

New Song By Stationary Nomads - A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

I have a new song uploaded at bandcamp called A Mind Is A Terrible Thing which you can download for free or just stream it. It's a spoken word style vocal delivery and I had the idea for at least the last few years. Aaron had sent me some songs he had already recorded and one night as I listened to them over and over and over I realized that one had the perfect tempo and tone for my idea. I knew I had to bust my butt to come up with the words that would match the music. Thus did "A Mind" move from idea to reality.

If you're wondering how I first thought about this strange subject, well, there used to be a show called In Living Color that ran in the early 90s. It was where Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans and many others became very well known for their comedy. Daman Wayans had a character that would talk gibberish and it always seemed like he was making fun of people who would use big multi-syllabic words (see what I did there?) without actually knowing what they meant or how to properly use them in a ssentence.

I in turn thought it would make an interesting idea for someone to sing gibberish strung together for no good reason. So I did and now you can hear it. Ain't life grand?

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