Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dulces Diablitos - More Ska From Argentina

I didn't realize how little I've posted this month between watching the World Cup, my 3 year old son dominating the computer and going on my road trip
so I thought I'd put up some videos from this ska group from Argentina called Dulces Diablitos (it translates to Sweet Little Devil), especially since Argentina is one of my picks to win the World Cup.

I couldn't go to their homepage because google says it is a harmful sight and I'm not taking any chances with that. You can instead go to their myspace page here.

Here is their bio information lifted straight from myspace:

SWEET Diablitos - Diego (voice), Miguel (keyboards, vocals), Paul (guitars), Max (percussion), Lucky Luke (drums), Luigy (bass), Adriano (trumpet) and Leonardo (sax) - formed in late 2000 with the idea of keeping the ska music as an axis, moving also by the rock steady, reggae, dub and other Latin rhythms. A year after its formation the band was playing by different local Federal Capital, bringing little a bit of a public stable and met the expectations of all its members. Enseguida llegaron los shows más grandes, donde compartieron escenario con bandas como Los Calzones, Intoxicados, Leon Gieco, Las Pelotas, Satélite Kingston, Flavio Mandinga Project, Un Kuartito, Karamelo Santo, Sin Semilla, Fidel Nadal, Los Grillos, Cielo Raso, Intocables, Papas ni Pidamos entre otras. Then came the biggest shows, sharing the stage with bands like The Panthers, Intoxicados, Leon Gieco, Las Pelotas, Satellite Kingston, Flavio Mandinga Project, A Kuartito, Karamelo Santo, seeded, Fidel Nadal, The Crickets, Ceiling, Untouchables , potatoes or Pray and others.

This does seem incomplete since the videos clearly show a female singer in the group and none is listed so I can't even say if this group is still together or not. I believe they are but since I can't go to their website I can only guess. At any rate We can all enjoy the music if we are so inclined.

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