Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ice Pirates - 1984

Another movie that I was able to watch over this past holiday weekend was the 1984 Sci-Fi/Adventure/Comedy/Pirate movie Ice Pirates. I think the film was clearly intended to just be a funny spoof of multiple genres. It stars Robert Urich and Mary Crosby and had a supporting cast that featured the likes of Angelica Huston, Ron Perlman, Buce Vilanch, John Matuszak and John Carradine. This is a cult classic that doesn't really hold up well over time mainly due to the special effects that were never originally even intended to be that good in the first place. Basically water is in extremely short supply and is used as currency. Ice pirates are willing to do anything to get some. It involves finding a mythological 7th planet that has plenty of water. Anyway, for me the movie brings back pleasant memories from my college days and for that fact alone it makes it enjoyable for me to watch but not extremely often. Perhaps only every few years but it was fun remembering how my friends and I would sit around ripping on movies. Good times, good times.

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