Friday, April 9, 2010

Madeinusa - Peruvian Film


This is the last film that my wife and I watched this past weekend. I had bought the dvd on Ebay since it is set in Peru, the director is Peruvian, the star is Peruvian and my wife is as well. At first I didn't think she would like it but it turns out that she very much did. One thing I didn't consider was that Sunday was Easter and the film is set in Holy Week so that turned out to be an interesting coincidence.

The film follows a young woman named Madeinusa (pronounced Mah-day-en-oos-sah) who desires to leave her small town as her mother did before her. The people there are from Indian stock and speak Quechua (a native language) as well as Spanish. The town doesn't have a telephone or much else in the way of modern conveininces. Her father is the mayor and has an unhealthy obsession with her. Her younger sister is extremely jealous and doesn't understand why she would want to leave. A stranger comes to town during their Holy Week celebration which doesn't sit well with the townspeople. They have an unusual belief that during the period of Good Friday to Easter morning (from when Jesus Christ died and was resurrected that God is dead and there is no sin. Anything is allowed from theft, to sex to incest with no punishment or guilt. Madeinusa is enthralled with the stranger and wants him to take her with him when he leaves town. I won't ruin it and say how the movie ends but I will say that I didn't see the ending coming.

Overall is was a very good film that showed a direct look at what some small towns are like in the Peruvian provinces. It's a completely different way of life that really doesn't exist much in this country anymore. I recommend this film for those who like to experience new things in life. It's hard to believe that this was Magaly Solier's (Madeinusa) first time acting, she does a wonderful job.

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