Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drums Are On My Mind, Neil Peart and Sepultura

Okay, I've never been a big Sepultura fan but I have always liked this song even though it's sung in Portuguese and I don't speak the language. No, I've always like it because I think the drumming is very interesting.


more about "SEPULTURA - Ratamahatta", posted with vodpod

Neil Peart of Canadian greats Rush is by far the best drummer in rock in my opinion. This is only an excerpt of one of his ever changing drum solos. The man has been doing it for so long and it's just incredible to watch him.

Here's a longer solo that he did in 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany. The man is just amazing and as soon as tickets become available I will be buying them to see Rush in concert in Tulsa on September 21st!

Neil Peart Crazy Drum Solo - Click here for more blooper videos

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