Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Day Of The Draft.....Wait 'Til Next Year!!!!

The NFL Draft ended earlier today and the Cleveland Browns made their final three picks. In the 5th round they took Larry Asante, a safety from Nebraska who many thought would go in the 2nd or 3rd round. In the next round was wide receiver Carlton Mitchell from South Florida who had projected to go much higher as well. Finally Clinton Geathers, a large defensive end out of South Carolina was taken. While Asante and Mitchell will have the chance to contribute early, Geathers is a project that will take some coaching to reach his potential. That gives the Browns eight new players (at least until rookie free agents are signed) for fans to think about and wonder what impact they can have on the team and how much improvement the team will show. The team certainly improved their defensive secondary and added depth in other areas but as of right now I don't see too many players who stand a chance to start right away. They may earn backup spots and help the team two or three years from now but not for the time being. Of course this is all conjecture and for all I know they may all make the team and help propel them to the playoffs. But probably not this year...

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