Saturday, April 24, 2010

NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3

Browns Round 2 picks:

TJ Ward FS

Montario Hardesty RB

Round 3 picks:

Colt McCoy QB

Shawn Lauvao G

Every year I eagerly look forward to the NFL Draft with hope that my team will draft extremely well and every year I leave it confused and trying to convince myself that the team knows a great deal more than I do and that there must be a reason they made the selections that they did. This year is no different even though the draft isn’t even half over. I must say that I do not like the new format that the NFL is using. It drags it out far too much. I mean you sit and wait and usually at most your team gets one player in the first round, now you sit through two rounds the following night and then we have to wait on the third day to get the final four rounds over with. It’s too much. Next year I’ll just check on it after it’s over with each day.

Well as I predicted the Browns took a safety in the 2nd round and their QB of the future in the 3rd. What I didn’t predict however was which safety they would take. I don’t even know anything about Ward other than that he has an injury history. Hopefully that’s all behind him but will he play strong safety or free safety is my big question. The Browns need a strong safety that can hit a guy coming across the middle and make him hesitate the next time he comes across again. They traded up into the 2nd round to get a big, powerful running back which is exactly what they needed to compliment Jerome Harrison to insure that he can last the whole season as a feature back. Then came QB of the future Colt McCoy whom many thought that the Browns would take with their original pick in the 2nd round, and then were convinced the Browns were taking him again when they traded back into the 2nd round. The team gambled that he would be there in the 3rd round and he was. I’m not sold on him but the staff says this is the perfect offense for him so I’ll have to take their word for it. After that they selected Lauvao who played many offensive line positions and ended up at tackle in college however it appears that the team sees him as a guard.

We’ll see what the final picks will do for the Browns. They now have three picks left, one in the fifth round and two in the sixth. So far they’ve addressed four of their positions in most need of upgrading as well as the offensive line which I considered important as well so perhaps next year we can look back at this first half of the draft as having been a great success. It could happen. I’m sure of it.

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