Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arsenal, Peruvian Thrash Metal

I had a chance to look around on the internet today and I came across this Peruvian group named Arsenal that's opening for Megadeth in Lima, Peru. They remind me a lot of Metallica, (when they were good) even though I don't understand nearly enough Spanish to get what they're singing about. All I know is that the music is good and that's enough for me.

Muerto En Vida

You can go to their website here or try their facebook page which is under Arsenal Peru. I can't give you a direct link since I'm lame and don't have a facebook page myself. They do have a myspace page which is here. The band formed in 1997 and played their first show the following year. Since then they've been going strong and released their first album in 2007 which is not unusual for a band in Peru to take so long to release an album. The economy is completely different in South America and recording music is an incredibly big deal. In fact the band has made the album available for free on their website (google translate is a wonderful thing) so that their fans could have access to it. That's a pretty cool thing to me.

Lo Adverso

Jaime Davis - Guitars, vocals
Rafael Contreras - Guitars, vocals
Alejandro Rojas - Drums
Julio César Jáuregui - Bass


I have to say I'm pretty pleased with finding this group and as a bonus my wife likes it when I find music that I like from her country. I just wish that I could be in Peru now so that I could see them and Megadeth in concert but who knows, maybe we'll be able to go next year and at least see Arsenal play in concert. I can dream, can't I?

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