Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vieja Skina, Peruvian Ska

I thought I'd show a Peruvian ska band today since I showed one from Argentina the other day. Through the next few weeks I intend to show as many South American ska bands (or any musical type) that I like as I try to connect with some good music that doesn't get much exposure here in the U.S. The first group I will show is called Vieja Skina (translated to Old Skin in English) and they are from Lima. According to their translated Myspace page, "Old Skin is a band of Ska/Reggae, with also some jazz fusions. Is formed in early 2007, little by little the band has been taking shape and growing, with a series of changes in members, rehearsals, concerts and support . We hope shortly to have some songs recorded, and so also the EP. The band is rehearsing, we hope to see in the shows. Thanks for the support everyone who is always with us, health and good vibe SKA!" Check them out, give them a chance and see what you think.

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