Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio Passes Away

I just came in from cutting the grass to take a break and buy some concert tickets to see Iron Maiden next month. After purchasing the tickets I went back to my homepage and there was a story about singer Ronnie James Dio passing away at 7:45 AM today. He had revealed last summer that he had stomach cancer and was stopping his touring plans so that he could focus on fighting and recovering from his disease. He was known for his soaring vocal style and his themes of good versus evil in his lyrics. Even at the age of 67 Dio had shown that he still had the vocal chops and his voice had not suffered any letdown over the years.

After fronting the band Black Sabbath for the album Heaven and Hell he went on to form his own band Dio which was very successful. Through the years he returned to Black Sabbath two times and the last time the band decided to call themselves Heaven And Hell since Black Sabbath was also actively touring with original singer Ozzy Osbourne. Dio was one of those artists that I always thought I'd get around to seeing at some point or another and now it's too late. He joins the ranks of artists that I waited too long and now will never have a chance to see playing live and there's a lesson to be learned there. Don't wait around to do something someday because if you wait too long that day may never come. Enjoy life now, live in the present, not in the future. You'll be missed Ronnie James Dio.

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