Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strong Bad and Trogdor

I've decided to stick with the animated cartoonish humor thing and want to talk about Strong Bad. Strong Bad is a character in the Homestar Runner world that I came across about 7 years or so ago but fell out of touch with about 3 years ago around the time my son was born. He has his own section on the website simply called sb emails where he reads emails from a very old computer (it gradually gets upgraded every so often but is still horribly out of date). Originally he was a minor character who was a villian but now isn't so much a villian as he is a jerk. He's always trying to get over on everybody else and is extremely sarcastic. Every character is odd but Strong Bad has his own quirks. He wears a Mexican wrestling mask on his very oversized head, goes shirtless and wears boxing gloves. Many people have wondered how he manages to type as well as he does while wearing boxing gloves but he's tired of talking about that subject. He speaks in a very rough and gruff voice and amuses himself easily. Perhaps his most well known email that he has responded to is Trogdor, The Burninator.

Strong Bad loves to listen to music, especially metal and one of his favorites is hair metal band Limozeen which has been brought to real life and actually play shows and in 2007 their song Because, It's Midnite was included in the Guitar Hero Rocks The 80s edition.

This is the clasic death metal email where Strong Bad waxes poetic about what it takes to be a successful death metal singer.

I've decided to make a more concerted effort to catch up with Strong Bad and the rest of the characters such as his brothers Strong Mad and Strong Sad. We can all use some stupid humor in our lives and Strong Bad more than supplies it.

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