Saturday, May 15, 2010

12 Inch Singles The Beat Farmers - Riverside

Band members:
Country Dick Montana (Dan McLain) (drums, guitar, vocals) 1983 to 1995
Jerry Raney (guitar, vocals) 1983 to 1995
Rolle Dexter Love (bass) 1983 to 1995
Buddy Blue (guitar, vocals) 1983 to 1986
Joey Harris (guitar, vocals) 1986 to 1995

This one takes us to the halfway point of the 12 inch singles that I bought at the flea market on that fateful day back in the end of 1986. It was on the album Van Go that was released in 1986 and was used in a Budweiser radio commercial. The band was formed in San Diego in 1983 and continued until the early 90s when lead singer and drummer Country Dick Montana died although the band had morphed into The Farmers who continue to play today.

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