Sunday, May 2, 2010

Viruses, Work and Birthday Parties

It's been a strange week. My computer got infected by a virus that wouldn't even allow me to open and close programs. It kept referring me to a website that wanted me to by their software to get rid of spyware, viruses, etc........which is what it was itself. Since my anti-virus protection was a bit outdated (if you call about a year outdated) I finally got off of my lazy butt and went to the store to purchase a new copy. Once it was installed amazingly there was no more virus. Funny how that works. My son has basically broken our dvd player in the living room and the one in our bedroom seems to not want to work either so for now we can't watch any dvds which bums me out. Work has been a drain especially since it seems as I've gotten older that now I may be suffering from allergies associated with cutting grass. If only I could get out of the chore but alas, there is nobody else to do it, at least until my son gets a little older. Work has been especially draining and even more so when you factor in the allergies.

Friday was my son's 3rd birthday and we held his party the next day at 4pm. Now if I can impart any knowledge on you about Spanish speaking people it's that whenever there is a start time for an event it's basically just a suggestion. We had quite a few people over for his party and after almost all of them were gone a second wave came at around 7pm. I got really tired (also I'm not so sociable) so I disappeared to the bedroom to watch some tv. My wife and son have been asleep for some time now but I stayed up to clean things and unfortunately I still have the dishes to do. I need to get on it so that I can get some sleep myself so perhaps tomorrow I can come up with something witty and erudite (smart huh?)to impart on the world. Until then, I'm just too tired.

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