Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wednesday Week - Why

Back in January 1987 I moved back home to Ironton, Ohio from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had originally moved to Oklahoma to live with my dad while in the middle of my junior year of high school at the end of 1981 and after attending college on and off for a few years I decided it was time to be around my mother and sisters for awhile. That didn't last long as by the end of May I had already enlisted in U.S. Army's delayed entry program and would be sent off to training in November. Of course that's not why I'm posting this. Anyway, I had heard the song "Why" by the group Wednesday Week most likely on MTV (back then they did play music videos) and one day I drove up to a record store in Huntington, WV which was about a 20 minute drive away and the only place I could find anything decent musically in the area. While looking around in a 99 cent bin I found a promotional cassette copy of the bands first full length album, What We Had.

I couldn't believe my luck since there was no other way I would have found this in that area of the country. You would have to have lived there at the time to understand. In other cities you could just go to a record store and get things that were different, not part of the mainstream, but not in that Tri-State area. So the band went through a very large amount of players and after their second release the cassette only No Going Back the band broke up in 1990. Eight years later the classic lineup reunited and they continue to play live shows in Los Angeles. You can find more info on them here. I've always liked this song, the band was part of the paisley movement but at the time I heard more of the rock and country mixture that I liked so well. That's what drew me to this song and still does.

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WW is playing a reunion show on 5/30/10 in LA.