Friday, June 6, 2014

Call It A Poem If You Must But Maybe It's Lyrics Instead

I found myself listening to a lot of music last night and a certain song used the very much overused (in my opinion) phrase by Shakespeare "the winter of our discontent." Usually when I hear this I like to turn it on it's ear and make something new or different about it. I guess I mean just to use it in a different way instead of parroting it like everybody else. Anyway, I wrote the first line and let it sit for a while. Before long something else popped into my mind and gradually the first verse came out. I continued to let it sit and then changed the direction somewhat in the second verse. Overall it came out a little at a time and then I gave it even more time before going back and making a few small changes. Then it was done. Today I read it again and for now have decided against any further changes until I decide if I want to turn it into lyrics or not. We shall see.

My discontented winter’s been going for six years now
Never too late to try something new but
My dampening mood never seems to allow it
Stuck in a swirling whirl of emotions conflicted
Why must I always be the one to come undone
Faltering at the moment of intended glory
All eyes turn to verify I’m not the one
Dismissed before I’ve even started to finish last

If I take a trip south of my normal pattern
Expand my conscious decision and try the new
Dig outside of the box following your footsteps
Mind you not to copy or praise just to discover
Investigate the terrifying landscape of my mind
Make sense of the pieces that never fall into place
Possible gains fighting against seething indecision
What if potential winnings pale in comparison

Then what do I do

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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