Saturday, June 28, 2014

This Is For A Certain Right Wing Propagandist

This Is For A Certain Right Wing Propagandist

You’ve got an automatic awesome response system
Queued up and ready for use at a moment’s notice
It comes in handy when you only follow what’s trending
Sleeping on life compared to the real world is much easier
Answering questions like a double talking beauty contestant
Little thought or sincerity required just open up and spew
Your gaping mouth delivers your vapid hate filled verbiage
Placing blame to your left with violent angry rhetoric
The plan must work your name is repeated ad nauseam
You know it’s just a practiced practical grab for attention
Now I’m bored with speaking about you without speaking your name
If I ignore your obvious irritating act will you do me a favor
Dry up and disappear let the wind blow away the dust
Of what remains of your pathetic offensive existence
Now that would be worth talking about....uh wait a minute.....

I found a music podcast that was comprised of various styles that I normally wouldn't listen to. But together they seemed to work rather well, at least for a while. As I listened I got the idea for this one. At first it seemed to be about a group of like minded people and it wasn't until I was about two thirds of the way into it that I realized it was about one particular person who has been in the news recently for some ridiculously incendiary comments, as is her norm. I won't mention her name, it's been said enough. She bugs me but I know it's all an act designed to draw attention by being as outlandish as she can be. The world is a poorer place for having her in it.

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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