Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 World Cup Final - Spain Wins It All

Well this game certainly wasn't as high scoring or as pretty as the previous day's but it was entertaining nevertheless. The Netherlands's team tried being rough and physical and it showed as this game received the most yellow cards ever in a World Cup final. I did find out that I don't like the Netherlands team, they foul, they whine and they cry when things do not go their way. Robben likes to fall to the ground at the slightest touch thrashing around as if he has been shot at close range. Unfortunately this takes away respect for him because he is a very talented player. It wasn't a beautiful game by a long shot but still at the end of the day the better team won. Now we can look forward to 2014 when the Cup goes to Brazil. All I have to do before then is win the lottery (which is hard to do since I don't play the lottery) and then my family can go on holiday to watch it live. That's not too much to expect right?

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