Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Germany vs Uruguay and my comments on the lack of good video highlights

I have stopped trying to predict the World Cup okay? After correctly guessing 7 of the final 8 teams I pretty much fell apart after that. Both teams I thought that would make the final (Argentina and Brazil) lost their next game. All 5 teams from South America made it to the final 8 but Uruguay was the only one to make it any deeper and they ended up losing to Germany and placing fourth which for them was completely unexpected. Unfortunately the only video showing highlights that I could find on Youtube was this horrible recording.

The rest of them were made by complete jerks who stated that they had all of the goals but in reality the videos were of everything BUT the game. Later today I'll be watching the final of Spain vs the Netherlands and I think the winner will be.... sorry, but I'm not predicting this game, I'm just going to watch it and enjoy it. Hopefully it will be just as enjoyable as Germany vs Uruguay.

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