Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup Quarterfinals

Well, I correctly predicted 2 of the final 4 teams for the World Cup however unfortunately the 2 that I missed were the teams that I thought would be in the final so I guess my predicting skills are not that great. I really thought that Brazil could beat Netherlands and that it wouldn't be very close but I was incredibly wrong. Then I believed that Argentina was too powerful and skilled for Germany and boy did I get that wrong. After Germany scored the 2nd goal it seemed like they gave up and quit and Germany didn't which is why they scored 2 more goals and thoroughly embarrassed Argentina. It was just horrible. I did correctly see Uruguay beating Ghana (thanks to a handball in the goal area) and Spain beating a Paraguay team that has not scored very much. Before anybody goes on about the handball committed by Suarez let me say that 1 game is the appropriate penalty and that if the roles were reversed you had better believe that Ghana (or any other team) would have done the same. The fact is that if Ghana had made the penalty shot it would all be a moot point. But that isn't what happened and Uruguay is moving on. Get over it.

So now I must adjust my predictions and I think that Uruguay will beat the Netherlands and Germany will beat Spain. I hope.

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