Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The other night I was poking around YouTube and I started coming across videos from back in the day that I had almost forgotten about. The artists in questions for the most part had a few songs that hit decently big but then dispeared back within the framework of the msuic industry. Initially I thought I'd just throw up all of the videos in one big post but since then I've changed my mind and decided to address each of them individually. First up is The Pursuit Of Happiness or TPOH as they are more commonly known.

The band started in their native Canadian province of Quebec back in 1985. "I'm An Adult Now" became a smash hit in Canada in 1986. It was re-recorded and re-released and in 1989 and it reached #6 on Billboard's Alternative songs list. In 1993 they received some success from their video for the song "Ciggerette Dangles" which was featured on the TV show Beavis and Butthead. They never officially disbanded but didn't record from 1996 to 2005 when they recorded two new tracks for a greatest hits album. I wasn't able to find a webpage for them, just a fan's page but you can go to Moe Berg's myspace here.

The most recent lineup:
Moe Berg (lead vocals, lead guitar)
Dave Gilby (drums)
Kris Abbott (vocals, guitars)[joined 1988]
Brad Barker (bass, vocals) [joined 1990]
Renee Suchy (vocals)[joined 1996]

The alumnae (one alumnus):
Johnny Sinclair (bass, vocals) [left 1990]
Tam Amabile (vocals) [left in 1988]
Tasha Amabile (vocals) [left in 1988]
Leslie Stanwyck (vocals) [joined 1989; left 1990]
Susan Murumets (vocals) [touring in 1990 only]
Rachel Oldfield (vocals) [joined in 1992; left 1995]
Jennifer Foster (vocals) [joined in 1995; left 1996]

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