Sunday, July 4, 2010

Satelite Kingston - El Enimigo new cd

I knew that Argentina's Satelite Kingston was supposed to have a new cd out sometime soon but as I was looking around on Youtube I actually found it. Their website hasn't been updated to reflect it so perhaps it isn't released yet but man these guys (and gal) are so good! I like them so much that the next time the family gets to go to Peru I'm going to try my best to schedule it around an appearance by them. I know they've played in Lima before so if the stars all align themselves perfectly maybe it can happen next year. Only if dreams come true.

Luckily I've been blessed to see some of the best ska/rocksteady, etc bands many years ago such as The Skatalites (I got a show ID from Lloyd Knibb and a picture with Doreen Shaffer), The Slackers, King Django, Hepcat and on and on and I place Satelite Kingston up there in the same group. It strikes me as pretty amazing how quickly I've come to know their music and how much it has affected me. Perdimos is now my ringtone for my cellphone but it may get changed to one of the new songs. Now if only I could find a way to get their merchandise here in Estados Unidos I could really support them. The bad luck is that living in Tulsa you don't get to see much if any ska music but as long as I've got the internet I can stay connected, right?

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