Friday, July 16, 2010

Sublime WIth Rome - Panic

Well it seems like I'm behind the times, always a day late and a dollar short so it's no surprise that I'm just hearing about this. Former Sublime bandmates Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson have gotten together with a new vocalist/singer named Rome Ramirez. It seems that the pair had an itch to perform as Sublime again with a new frontman however after Bradley Nowell's death his family had retained the rights to the bands name since he owned it outright and they were against any new group calling themselves Sublime. After some legal issues everyone came together and are apparently fine with the "new" group calling itself Sublime With Rome which is cool by me. I had already known who Sublime was before they hit it big with their self titled 3rd album "Sublime" which was released posthumously after Nowell died from a drug overdose and I loved their music. For a time the void left musically from Nowell's passing was filled by the group Long Beach Dub AllStars which Wilson and Gaugh were members of but that band broke up in 2002 after releasing 2 fine albums. Both Wilson and Gaugh had gone on to other bands after LBDAS broke up but none had the success of Sublime or LBDAS. The band has been performing for over a year now off and on and have recorded a few new songs with a full length new album due next year. Here's a video of them performing their new song "Panic" on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

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