Thursday, March 11, 2010

90s music? What's That?

It's been noted that I tend to favor the 80s when putting music up here to talk about and with good reason. That was when I was in high school and college and music was extremely important to me at that time as I'm sure it was and is to many others. I have included some more modern music but for right now I want to show some groups that either I listened to right before or right after getting out of the Army.

Rancid are one of the groups who started me on the ska path as the music revived but never became quite the next big thing that it was touted to be. It led me to volunteering at Marshall University's radio station WMUL in Huntington, Wv to do my own ska & reggae show called "Ska Beat" that lasted almost 3 years. Even though they were a punk band they dabbled in ska as this song clearly shows. Luckily I saw them on The Warped Tour in 1997 and was right on the stage. I have some pictures somewhere that I need to scan in but from this concert most of them show the side or back of the bands. Hmm, perhaps that's a post to work on, some of the concert pictures from that time period. I saw a lot of great groups. Anyway, the next video is......

I don't even remember the exact timeframe that I first started listening to Social Distortion but it had to be while I was at WMUL. The station didn't play as much of this kind of music as I would have like but at least they received a lot of it and I was the grateful benificiary. Unfortunately I have never been able to see them. Unlike the next group............

It must have been in 1994 that I saw Rocket From The Crypt at the original 9:30 Club in D.C. We didn't get tickets back in those days, you just paid the cover charge and went in and I never thought about writing down the bands names and dates that I saw them, which is unfortunate because as I get older it's all lost to me. Anyway, I took a young lady that I was interested in but ultimately never showed me the time of day (funny how I remember that detail) and one of the bands we saw was Rocket From The Crypt who blew me away with their sound. I mean nobody was playing that kind of intense driving beat with punk ferocity and they had horns! It was too cool and I immediately set out finding any music that I could from them. I should still have a 45 single somewhere in my record stack.

That's it for the moment. I have to feed my son and that is a priority over this kind of stuff however it's not always as much fun.

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