Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fridays - 80s TV Sketch Comedy

I really have been working on a legit post with actual social commentary but it's not ready yet so instead I thought I'd throw you some mindless fun from back in the day. Fridays was ABC's answer to Saturday Night Live in the early 80s but it only lasted a couple of seasons. One reason I preferred Fridays was for the varied and mostly unusual musical guests that they had, guests that weren't cool enough for Saturday Night Live like Devo, The Jim Carroll Band, The Cars, Scandal, Journey, AC/DC, The Stray Cats and so many more. Another reason was for the comedy that pushed the accepted boundaries of what was permissible to be shown on network tv. In reality the show was ahead of it's time and remarkable in what it was able to show.

The cast was comprised of:
Mark Blankfield
Maryedith Burrell
Melanie Chartoff
Larry David (Seinfeld)
Rich Hall
Darrow Igus
Brandis Kemp
Bruce Mahler
Michael Richards (Seinfeld)
John Roarke

This last clip only aired once because it was deemed to be extremely gory and violent. Upon subsequent reruns showings it was simply left out. Six ABC affiliates stopped airing the show completely as a result of the skit's depictions of zombie cannabalism. So of course it's considered a classic.

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