Thursday, March 11, 2010

Repo Man versus Repo Men

I saw the ad for the new movie called Repo Men starring Jude Law that comes out on March 19th and naturally it got me thinking about the 1984 cult classic film Repo Man starring a very young Emilio Estevez. Even though the titles are similar these movies have nothing to do with each other. Tonight I even saw the the trailer for Repo Men while at the movies.

While I will admit that Repo Man has huge holes in the plot it is quite memorable and has an excellent soundtrack comprised of (at the time) current area punk bands that gave it instant credibility. It will never be confused with an Oscar winning movie but it was never intended to be in the first place. That's why it's a cult classic and not a classic. You really need to watch it to try and understand the plot although it's not necessarily that easy. It concerns a young punk rocker who becomes a repo man by a strange string of occurances and a 1964 Chevy with something (possibly alien material) in the trunk. You really have to see it to somewhat understand.

Then we have the soon to be released film Repo Men. It's set in the future where you can buy artificial organs on credit but just as with purchasing a car on credit if you miss your payments the organs can and will be repossessed with little to no thought about your health. The problem I had when watching the trailer was that it basically showed everything that will happen in the movie except for the exact final ending. I said it out loud right then (don't worry, I was the only person in the theater) why do I need to see the movie now? I'm sure I will see it at some point but not on first run, perhaps I'll wait for it to be released on dvd. For now I'll stick by the flawed but thouroughly enjoyable Repo Man.

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