Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's A Long Ryders Kind Of Saturday

Okay before I get off of the computer and start on the laundry (I know it's glamorous) I might as well put up some videos by the Long Ryders. I found this band via one of the 12 inch singles that I bought at the flea market in 1987 and have listened to them ever since. There is very much of a Byrds influence to them but rather than being a copy of that sound the band used it to craft their own, rather unique sound. They were really alternative country before it was even called that. Looking For Lewis and Clark was off of the State Of Our Union LP that came out in 1985.

I Want You Bad is from the album named Two Fisted Tales and it came out in 1988. Unfortunately for me, the group didn't last much longer. They do occasionally (more like rarely) get back together but it's doubtful I'll ever have the chance to see them play live.

Regardless they were/are a great band and I still have them on vinyl, cassette, cd and in mp3 form and encourage you to further check them out for yourself.

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