Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Flashback - Los Lobos

I first became aware of Los Lobos in 1984 when they released their album Will The Wolf Survive on Slash Records. The video for the title song was all over MTV (they actually used to play videos in those days) and I loved the mix of roots rock, blues and Mexican folk influences that clearly didn't sound like any other group out there.

Indeed, this "just another band from East L.A." has always done things their own way without regard to how it impacts the charts or their "image." The most important thing to them is the music and that is something I respect them for in this day and age. They could have cashed in on their fame after recording several tracks for the film "La Bamba" and received major attention all over the world but instead chose to avoid trying to sound like that all over again.

Los Lobos is:

David Hidalgo -Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Fiddle, Requinto jarocho
Louie PĂ©rez -Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Jarana huasteca
Cesar Rosas -Vocals, Guitar, Bajo Sexto
Conrad Lozano -Vocals, Bass, Guitarron
Steve Berlin -Keyboards, Horns

Los Lobos has always marched to their own beat and put the music first and it's a point made clearly on this, their first major studio album. They continue to this day with the same lineup and the same beliefs and are still going strong. One last video for the song "Our Last Night." Man, I wish Slash Records was still around putting out great music like this.

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