Monday, March 8, 2010

John Hughes Tribute at the Oscars 2010

Updated 12:46 AM

I never watch the Oscars and last night I missed the John Hughes tribute that showed some of the best moments from his movies and brought together a few of the stars that he basically trusted in and gave them the start of their careers. After originally posting a link for the first part and a video for the rest someone else got it all as I suspected they would so I am now deleting those 2 and adding the complete video. I have heard that it was cut short and if that is true than that is shameful for the Oscars to do such a thing. As a young person finishing high school and attending college (off and on) I identified with his characters and movies. They were real people dealing with real problems no matter what their age was. You are missed John Hughes.


Gary Rivera said...

I like flubber which I think was one of his movies!

Don said...

I do believe he wrote and produced it. At the very least he wrote it.