Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cop Out Trailer and mini review

Last Thursday I decided to take a night off from work (and the family) and went to see Cop Out, the latest movie directed by Kevin Smith that stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as not just cops but partners. This is the first movie that he has directed that he has not written so it's basically a test to see if he could do a regular Hollywood movie. When I got to the theater it was empty since it was an early showing on a weekday so I was extremely lucky. I'm sure Kevin would disagree with me since he'd want the theater to be packed full of crazed fans spending all of their cash but what do expect in Tulsa? How often can you say you had the place to yourself right? Anyway, I didn't expect an Oscar worthy movie, just a funny cop buddy flick with some action and Cop Out did not disappoint me. This was about unwinding, not thinking about work or about what my soon to be three year old was doing while I tried to watch something. I laughed out loud and enjoyed the movie and my time away from home. Well, at least for a little while. Sometimes you need a break and this was mine. It was $8.50 well spent and just maybe (okay probably) I'll get it when it comes out on dvd.

I've sort of been on a Kevin Smith kick lately. I've watched one of his Evening With dvds, listened to all of the SModcasts, read his books and even buckled down to see Jersey Girl which was not a bad movie and didn't deserve the grief it was given. For me it was nice to see him succeed directing this film which will be his highest grossing film to date. Hopefully it will fuel him and he'll be able to go forward with some of the projects that he's been wanting to bring forth.


quest said...

I was on the VA msg board and decided to click on the link to your review of Cop Out. Haven't seen it yet since I'm not a big Tracy Morgan fan (his act is just a little to close to the Amos and Andy style of comedy for me to enjoy) but will rent it when it comes out on dvd.

And I leave this note so you'll know at least one guy read it.

Haven't joined the board yet (not enough to say I guess) but might one day when I feel the urge to join in.

A red background? Bold choice.

Have a good week.


Don said...

Thanks for the comment Albert. Yes the red background is bold and not one that I would usually select but I tried it and like it. It's nice to know that someone did read this, at least once so many thanks and come often to check it out. Don